Relay Supply Control Panel (2016)

A MeteorJS / Bootstrap / Mongo / Twilio / Stripe.js / Docker application hosted on AWS that enables customers to manage and remotely control GSM relay devices.

Arduino Scavenger Hunt (2017)

A scavenger hunt where participants need to redeem points to obtain electronic parts to eventually solder together an electronic watch that then displays coded clues about where to go next! Soldering skills required.

Scaling a MeteorJS SaaS application on Amazon Web Services (2016)

A talk I gave at DevTalks focused on clustering and scaling MeteorJS applications on AWS.

How to build a SaaS solution in 60 days (2016)

A talk I gave @ Ideas on Tap & DevTalks focused on how to bootstrap and deploy your own SaaS application using MeteorJS, Mongo, Twilio, Stripe.js with OAuth to Google, Facebook, and Twitter on Amazon Web Services.

Advent of Code (2016)

Javascript solutions for Advent of Code 2016.

Gameboy Retro Pi

Gutted an original gameboy and replaced the internals with a Raspberry Pi Zero (running RetroPie).

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Raspberry PI Retrofit (2014)

Gutted an original NES and replaced the internals with a Raspberry PI 3 Model B (running RetroPie), HDMI out, ethernet port, USB ports, WIFI, Bluetooth, and added NES controller-USB chips that allows the use of original NES controllers using original controller ports. The system can use original nintendo controllers, any type of USB based controller, or PS3/PS4 controllers via bluetooth to play nintendo, super nintendo, gameboy, gameboy color, sega, and n64.

Cell Phone Car Starter (2010)

Fixing my remote car starters' range with a remote control electric relay that operates on the GSM cell phone network.