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A lot can change in 52 weeks, especially in the crypto world. In the last year we've seen a lot of ups and downs, some high profile exchange hacks, new players enter the market, and above all, we've seen that the world is slowly beginning to accept that cryptocurrencies, and more broadly, blockchain technologies are here to stay. Cryptocurrencies will continue to grow, evolve, and mature; some will die out, and new ones will emerge.

It's been exciting to watch this process as not just a mere consumer of data but rather as someone who creates some admittedly poor charts and graphs of his own. I originally started this blog around July 2017 to record solutions to small programming problems that I solved in my day to day work. The price of Bitcoin was jumping daily and the hard fork that created Bitcoin Cash was just around the corner. I hadn't touched Bitcoin for almost 5 years at this point, and decided to fool around a bit. I found myself overwhelmed with the sheer number of cryptocurrencies now available on many exchanges, and decided to toss a bit of money into each as an experiment. I wanted to track the value of my "investments" and thought that d3.js might be a decent solution. I had used d3.js a few times in the past but found it challenging to work with. This felt like the perfect opportunity to build some charts to track the progress of my experiment using a technology that I had yet to learn.

Thus the buy and hold 31 cryptocurrencies for 365 days experiment was born. There were times when I would go without posting for weeks before releasing a flurry of posts to catch up, and for the last 6 months I have provided no analysis to go along with me charts. For that, I apologize; I wish I had more free time to do a better job and provide more complete analysis. I want to thank you, the reader, for taking the time to read my thoughts, view my charts, and provide commentary. It's been fun to be an active participant of the crypto community rather than a lurker as I have been so often in the past.

This will be my last post with regards to this experiment. I may continue to generate the charts and post again sometime in the distant future but for now this blog will revert to being a programming/personal blog again.

Week 52 Results

Over the course of the experiment Bitcoin was up multiple hundreds of percent, but at the end of this experiment it has only gained 58.44%, which is still great from an investment perspective. Overall the basket of 31 cryptocurrencies has almost broken even, and is just below the starting balance. Only 3 cryptocurrencies did better than Bitcoin over the last 52 weeks. EOS (+275% vs. +58% for Bitcoin), 0x Protocol (+146% vs. +58% for Bitcoin), and Ripple (+87% vs. +58% for Bitcoin).





The balance line on these charts is bojangled. My apologies.




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