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Week 18 Recap

I've been copying and pasting this phrase pretty much every week for months now...

Bitcoin touched a new all time high of 20,000 USD on some exchanges today (over ~$25,000 CAD)! It was only 2 weeks ago that we hit 10k USD for the first time. Still waiting for that correction to buy more...

Skeleton waiting for the dip

This week was insane. Multiple assets in the portfolio were up by over 200%, and only 5 of the 31 assets are below where we started!

Before I go any further I wanted to give a quick shoutout to HitBTC for their customer service this week. They're the exchange I used to purchase all the crypto in this portfolio, and I have a soft spot for them since they have a nice clean trading interface. Anyways, my phone was damaged and I lost access to two factor authentication. No worries I thought to myself, I'll just use my backup code to access my trading account. Unfortunately I wrote the code down incorrectly and was locked out. I've come to expect pretty poor customer service from crypto exchanges, especially when it comes to account access, so when I was able to get back into my account within 2 days I was extremely pleased. I recommend you check them out. Full disclosure, the link above is an affiliate link. I have no relationship with HitBTC in any way and am not sponsored by them (or anyone else for that matter).

New chart this week: portfolio vs. Bitcoin performance over the duration of the experiment. This chart shows what would have happened if I invested all the money in Bitcoin at the start of this experiment instead of splitting it across 31 cryptos. I get asked for this almost every week, so here you go!


Important events coming up this week:

  • CME Bitcoin futures will be listed tonight, and will be available for trading on December 18th. Things to remember:
    • Cash settled.
    • Contract Size: 5 Bitcoin
    • Trading Times: 6PM to 5PM (Sun-Fri) Central Time (CST)
    • Settlement Dates: March; June; September; December
    • Margin: 35%
    • Settlement Price: The contract is settled using the CME Bitcoin Reference Rate (Weighted Average of Prices from Bitstamp, GDAX, itBit and Kraken).
    • Circuit Breaker: 7%; 13%; and 20%. (Trading is stopped for 2 minutes when the price rises/falls above each of these levels in one day, it is not allowed to rise/fall more than 20%).
    • Link CME Bitcoin futures quotes.
  • TD Ameritrade customers who have at least 25K USD will have access to CBOE Futures (NOT CME) on Monday. Customers will be required to post margin (unknown what %, but it's likely going to be high). CME futures may be added at a later date when TD Ameritrade feels like it is "safe" to do so. This opens up these futures to far more retail investors.

News this week:

That's all!

Week 18 Results

Although DigitalNote and Ripple posted gains of over 200%, the winner this week in terms of absolute USD gain was LiteCoin with a gain of +36.09 USD (+126%). It's pretty hard to lose money this week but Polybius managed to: it dropped 27% this week (-2.17 USD).

Week 18 Summary







Since inception:



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If you're Canadian and want to try the same thing, I use QuadrigaCX (wire transfer, interac online) and Coinbase (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX) to purchase bitcoin, ethereum, or litecoin to transfer to an exchange that supports all these alternative currencies. I used HitBTC to buy all 31 currencies, but many exchanges will work just as well.

Click here for details about this experiment and what the rules are.

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