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I was a bit busy this week and didn't really get around to creating any great visuals for this week's update (see the first post in this series here). After the season finale of Game of Thrones season 7 last night I whipped up these visuals using d3.js. All the charts I've built are fed by scripts I've written. They'll all be available on my github soon, but they're quite rough at the moment. I'm going to spend this week refining them. I haven't found a reliable way to embed them in this blog (which uses Ghost), but once I do they'll be interactive.

This week's big winner is LISK, biggest loser was OpenANX. Details below:







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If you're Canadian and want to try the same thing, I use QuadrigaCX to purchase bitcoin, ethereum, or litecoin to then transfer to an exchange that supports all these alternative currencies. I recommend buying litecoin and transferring that to your exchange of choice as it's transaction fee's are 0.01% of bitcoins at the moment. QuadrigaCX let's you verify your identity using Equifax (the credit reporting service) and it takes only a minute or two. It certainly beats trying to take a picture with your webcam of you holding up your identification and a piece of paper with today's date (I'm looking at you Poloniex). Funding your account is relatively easy as you can use Interac Online to fund your account instantly. I used HitBTC to buy all 31 currencies, but I would recommend checking out Poloniex as well. Poloniex still hasn't verified me yet, but if you can get verified they do higher volumes than HitBTC.

I will be releasing all my code (charts and scripts to drive those charts) on github as soon as I clean them up so they're generic enough for regular use.

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